How are you using Midi Maestro

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I was originally using the Midi Maestro with the BeatBuddy and Aeros, but I expect to sell both of those units as they appear to be mainly for live use, which I don’t plan to use them for. However the Midi Maestro is very useful for controlling Ableton Live and a Kemper. The android app seems to do mostly what I want, but I am eagerly awaiting the custom mode expression pedal functionality. That would basically complete what I would like it to do.

Its main use now is for remote record actuation with Ableton Live. I have it communicating through BLE with an XVive MD1 plugged into the midi interface of a Maschine MK3, and it works very reliably and consistently that way.

After using midi footpedals for decades (and even building and programming a couple), IMHO the Midi Maestro shows a lot of unrealized potential. For example it has one trick that is game changing for Kemper users; it appears you can access the Kemper internal looper with the MM as it has NRPN capability. Just about anything I can think of needing in a midi controller can be done with the MM, provided they get the expression pedal working in Custom mode. I was initially very frustrated with the MM, but after reading the manual and giving it some thought, if Singular Sound delivers with v2 of the MM firmware, it will be one of the most versatile and useful midi controllers available. IMHO it is worth a bit more patience.

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  • What does the app look like from the user end? - Look Good,c clear interface.
  • What’s the process to change the pedal commands? - Just enter the correct cc , save and sync with bluetooth
  • Is it simple and quick to use? - yes,
  • What settings are you using for your pedal? -Custom Mode
  • If someone has a customized settings, can they share it with another user?- yes trought the cloud
  • To that end, can settings be shared and somehow applied if we do not have the android app? - NO

Have been using the Maestro in lockdown and am preparing to start using it in live performances for the first time. I find, however, that I’m having to look down more often to make sure I hit the right button. Not so much a problem for me as I use a head mic rather than a mic on a stand. The idea was to give me a chance to move around the stage more, though having to be near my pedal board kinda puts the mockers on that! Much prefer the head mic although you can’t pull away from it if you’re going for a full blast chorus, and casual chat between songs ought to be avoided. However, on our live streams that’s become a part of the experience.

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I just got my Loop Station and MM a couple of weeks ago so maybe my timing was good as far as the midi implementation, but I’ve had very good luck using the custom mode on the Midi Maestro to control the Aeros Loop Station. I have several pages I use as follows:
Page 1: has buttons to start a new 2x2 or 6x6 song and buttons for the 2x2 page and the 6x6 pages
Page 2: is the 2x2 control page. I have dedicated buttons for each track “Undo/redo” and “mute” as well as a “stop now” button.
Page 3: is the main 6x6 page with links to the other 6x6 control pages which are: A mute page, a undo/redo page, a solo page, and a part select page.
Pages 4, 5, and 6 have dedicated buttons for muting, undo/redo, and solo. these are for tracks 1-5 since I have to leave one button available to return to the page 3 main 6x6 menu (since there are only 6 buttons!)
Page 7 is the “part select” page which allows me to select parts 1,2,3,4 or 5 with one button instead or tap dancing on the “next part” button to scroll through the selections. This is very handy!

This is great. Any chance you can map out the 6 buttons on each page? I’ve made so many iterations so that I can always get out of the page I’m on, it’d be nice to see how someone else successfully did it for both 2x2 and 6x6 mode.