Importing audio files into Aeros

Thanks Brennan !

Robert… hang in there as cutting edge tech sometimes has growing pains, but worth the wait.

We’re working on many things, all of them must be done before we can move on to backing tracks, check back in in about a month!

Time extension is coming soon, this is what we’re working on now, stay tuned.

I now need to import tracks too. I want to import Stairway To Heaven vocals so that they sing along with me when I trigger them with my foot. So that’s several minutes of singing in one track.

Please Move it up your list.

Although import support won’t be ready for some time, time recording extension is already in alpha testing, so you’re welcome :slight_smile: we do listen!

You can record the audio line outs from your DAW into the Aeros, if you sync it with MIDI you can time things very well! I know this is not ideal, and it is not the last step, hopefully we can create a UI and capability for import/export function soon (one that can cut the 360 extra samples and prep the file for looping).


OK thanks! I will record it for now.

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Hi Brennan,

Is there a standard workflow for import/export that I should refer to? I’m going with the latest firmware. Didn’t see a new manual for the latest update, is it somewhere or? Thanks so much.

Hey there,

There is currently no standard procedure for exporting/importing to Aeros. Aeros can be exported from by using an SD card, song saved to SD will write the files into the song folder and you can use those .wav files, copied from the SD, in your DAW.

One note is all that Aeros files as of version 3.1.18 have 360 samples (out of 44100) added at the end of the file, this is addressed in the Aeros Manual page 37 and 38.

Just remove the samples and then you are set.

Importing is trickier to address currently, you can write something at a set tempo to the Aeros from a DAW by using MIDI to sync DAW to Aeros. Make sure Aeros sync reads ON.

Both these solutions to your issues are not ideal cases, we hope to have a refined import/export process for users very soon but it is not currently our focus. Things are moving along well so we aren’t far now.

Thanks for your question!

Let me know if this helps

I landed on this thread, too seeking to import a backing to the Aeros. Is this feature still on the roadmap, or is it already possible?

Hey there, this is still on the roadmap, and we are making good progress!


This is the biggest issue with me and my Aeros. Great news to hear you are making progress!!!

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Good news!

Great! Importing is very important! (Do you see what I did there?)

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Just receive my Aeros and to be honest, with everything this device does, I’m kind of shocked you can’t import. Any timeline on this?


Hello Brennan,

Do we have any progress on importing a simple audio file? I see this post from over a year ago saying things are moving along well?? I’m continuing to use my Boss units until we have some sense of stability and progress with Aeros. I can never tell the current situation as everything is in user support blogs and always in flux it seems. Even when I go to the main Firmware download link it takes me to a page dated Dec 21 and in the middle of the page it says EDITED April 22, 2022. OK so do I go to the end of the blog to see the latest information? I just want to import a file without jumping through hoops, and certainly should not need to be caring about extra samples etc. Appreciate the work you guys have done.

It is on the timeline and is coming up very soon, the Aeros has undergone multiple releases since this post was made and thus we are moving forward as we have been for the last 2 years. We just released 4.2.4 on wifi about 1 month ago.

The 4.2.x post is edited because the early version of the beta (4.2.0) was released right before the holidays two weeks after 4.1.x was released.

The 4.2.4 WiFi version was released April 22 and the post was edited to reflect that.

While we would also love for this to already have been done a year ago, we cannot do everything at once, it must be done in the order required to get bugs, features, and updates done in a steady flow of one release every 1-2 months when possible.

The next few releases have a lot of new features in the works and this is one of the planned features for those next few releases.

Thank you for your questions!

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Hi Brennan,
Thanks for the update, I look forward to the next release. Appreciate the efforts.

Is any of this work in the 4.3.x branch?


Hello, this is not on 4.3.1, no it will be in the next iteration following, and is in progress


This is now possible in 5.0.3 on wifi :slight_smile:

Tagging this as #implemented

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Great Progress for a very desirable feature. “we plan to make backing tracks compatible with Autoquantize and Quantize mode soon”… Kinda fuzzy on the definition of soon in relation to a window of time. But being able to easily load backing track now is Great! Being able to easily upload backing tracks is a main use of the looper in my practice mode, and very desirable to quantize with BeatBuddy integration. I suppose per your previous instruction I could load the track by playing it into the Aeros Looper input. Thanks for your replies and progress.