Independent Track routing

I would like be able to set the output routing for a single track in 6x6 mode. ie: Track 1 out to Aux. Tracks 2-6 out to Main. I need the FOH and Monitor desk to be able to handle a track independently.

Along with this, either panning a track or breaking out of stereo group so that I can work with the track in mono through just one of Aux outputs would be helpful.



Possibility to pan tracks would be much more confortable.
When using the aeros with a bass and headphone, you don’t have a choise: Either it’s in right ear, or left. This is not confortable at all, especially with a bass which is commonly supposed to be in the middle.
I wish I could choose in the box to set one instrument in the middle, another one on the right, then one on the left… And choose how much I pan, i.e. this 10% left, that 60% right or whatsoever.
Acctually that’s the minimum I expect from a not so cheap product to be fully satisfied.
At present stage the possibility to use it with a headphone as SS presented it is definitly not what I expected. This is not a headphone out.
To do what I want I should have to add a mixer, that was not announced…
But I’m sure you SS guys are already working on it, right? :wink:

Also I wish I didn’t need to exit a song to mute/unmute the click.


So, do you think there’s going to upgrade the rooting system?

I would hope that they would eventually allow a recorded track to redirect through the Aux output only. Otherwise, it’s hard to see what the point of the Aux output is other than a click output.


They could even go further allowing ping pong.

Adding panning to the mixer would be nice!

The ability to aply audio routing/panning on a per track basis would be great. You could record bass or guitar via the aux input L/R and send it to the matching bass/guitar amplifier…

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I would love to be able to set the panning and routing on a per track, preset basis. This would be great for sending different loops to different effect or as you mentioned to the FOH discreetly from the rest. I use an F8n recorder to mix with, and of course record with, so I would love the panning option as well. I would for example send Tracks 1,2,3,4 as stereo to the main left/right out and tracks 5 and 6 possibly record as mono if that were an option to mix and match, then have one go to aux output left, the other to the right. Being able to pan the loops as well after recording would be wonderful for live mixing.

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