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Not sure that this is the right area to post this question, I have had a beat buddy For years and I am still learning new things all the time, here is my question I see some guys posting songs that have horns included (Ring Of Fire ) does this mean that horns will play along with the beat buddy? If it does how do you go about to get it to work? Sorry if this has been asked before.

One creates a customized drum kit with horns, just like there are kits with bass. You then make a single track midi file that contains the triggering notes for the drums, bass and horns. There are several tutorials posted on this. Try searching the forum for “tutorial” and you should get some hits to check.

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Thanks I will check them out now

Sorry if I’m interpreting your question differently.

The song was crafted with bass and horns. In order to get this particular song to play with the bass and horns, you will need the user-created drum set to play the drums, bass and horns. As many of user GarryA’s drum sets are no longer easily found using the forum search function, it helps to know how to use all of the search function tips and techniques (TTP). To read more about those TTP, I’ve updated the “how to search the forum for songs and drum sets” at * How to search the forum for songs and drum sets

Although you’re not a new user, you can find more references about acronyms as well as the BBM Quick Start Guide at Link (click on the text in blue font) to new user resources

thanks I have song songs that have the bass in them Ring Of fire being one of them, I just am lost on how to get it onto my beat buddy to play it. I tried the tutorial videos but it looks as though some of the pages are no longer available. After I down load the file how do I know which to transfer to my beat buddy pedal the SNG or the OBP

Try reading the Quick Start Guide. It’s in the resources link I provided. You find it quite helpful.

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LOL I have read the quick start guide when it says
Step 1: First unzip the zipped folder that contains the DRM file. Then
place the DRM file somewhere on your computer where you will
remember. (e.g., the desktop) So I keep searching for the DRM file all I see is the
Ring of fire adobe acrobat
OBPb midi sequence
OBPb Capo-1 Midi Sequence
Ring of fire capo1 SNG
Ring of fire SNG
and ring of fire midi sequence
where do I find the DRM file or am I just retarded lol

Nah. You’re okay.

Drum sets are rarely if ever packaged with the song so it’s a matter of searching the forum for the kit after you download the song. There are exceptions, though.

Sometimes a user can get lucky and find the kit. Here’s a link to the kit. I Feel Good (I Got You) OPBk and OPBh(horns) (E) 2017-05-29 - James Brown