Midi Control Change (CC) doesn't stream out when using BB as Midi Master

Trying to slave my TC HELICON Voicelive 2 to trig harmony on/off along with the playing BB song, I have set severals CC 110 at different velocity in a midifile (As explained in the VL2 user guide, CC 110 with velocity from 0 to 64 trig harmony OFF while 64 to 127 switch harmony ON). Unfortunatly, when I put my midi file in a BB song and set midi as Master out, it doesn’t work, It looks like BB ignore all the CC messages. Can someone confirm that and may be have a walkaround ? My idea is to avoid to have a third gear to do that. If there is no way I hope and suggest to have it in a next BB firmware.
Thanks in advance for any return on this topic.

What are you using for midi channel settings on the BB? Is thru on

I send midi from OnSong Thru the BB to a VL3 For preset recall

Maybe a message on the TC forum but what Midi message format does your software use?
What message are you sending?

Hy, thank you for your return.
My VL2 well receive CC commands from my PC/Cubase playing a Midi file containing CC commands allowing me to trig VL2 effects like harmony. The problem is that this Midi file will only sends notes to my VL2 when playing in a song from my BB, ignoring CC commands. And so whatever the canal selected. On BB midi setting used as Midi master mode, there is no parameters to tell the BB to send or not CC commands. Obvously the CC commands in my midi file are not streamed out by the firmware 3.8.0 and it’s a pity, because i guess it could be very usefull for smart slave devices like VL2 but also many others. To answer your question about the Thru parameter state, Its not meaningfull in the BB Master mode context. Thru parameter is only meaningfull in the BB slave mode which is out of this topic.

Sorry you lost me there tbh.
Not sure where you are generating you midi command and where you are sending it from? BB or PC/Mac?

In my setup chain;
BB - midi ch 1
Vl3 - midi ch 2
Footpedal midi ch 3
Onsong - return loop to BB

What is your chain? can you get your VL2 to behave when you place in a different entry point?

Of course I can only talk for the VL3 but;
For me to recall preset 76 on my VL 3 the midi syntax from Onsong is ‘0.0:75@1’
The VL3 does not pass midi thru so its only receiving data
To send a CC (lets use your issue) it would be ‘cc110:{0-127}@1

software syntax can vary per program
can you send PC commands?

@YCASA, from the BB manual, it only sends out the following MIDI messages below. I believe it ignores CC messages and Programs Changes that are contained in the song (MIDI file).

Sync - Tempo Clock
MIDI Start
MIDI Notes
Next Part (CC102)
Time Signature: 4/4, 3/4, others

Extacly. I believe so. Thank you Fled.
Wishing BB development team will send those usefull CC or PC commands in a futur firmware.
Also impatient to have the “autopilot” function working one day and also a more easy method to play a single wave and control Play/Pause/Stop in a BB song.

Thank you for your details of your chain description wich looks very fine.

The chain that I wanted to set up was BB as master (sending midi / OUT MIDI) to VL2 as slave (receiving midi / IN MIDI) and that’s all. My goal was to play BB songs (Midi files) able to trig harmony on my voice singing thru microphone on VL2 while BB is playing drum part of the song.

Hey there, yeah this is not currently possible, though it was requested here, feel free to chime in

I will,…
So long !

I would also like to send CC or PC commands from BB to a Roland jd-xi synth, within the song.

BB Support email me this last week, so wait and see !

According to our product specialist, this feature is under consideration: Program change message
Keep Rockin’!