SD Card not recognized 2/2020

I bought my Aeros 3 weeks ago and tried last night to install a 32 GB SDHC SD card formatted to FAT32 as recommended here and the Aeros does not recognize it. The firmware is 2.13.2 and appears to be up to date. Do I have a bad unit? It sounds like the early issues with the sd cards were resolved a few months ago.

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I’m almost sure this is expected in the next version update. I’m also waiting for it …

It hasn’t been fixed in an official release, yet. Was supposed to happen last month, based on comments here, but not yet.

Ok, thanks for for the responses. Just wanted to make sure my aeros wasn’t defective.

I still have this issue since I got mine September last year. My version now 2.13.2. Common guys, what good is a looper if you can’t save your work externally. Time to make this a priority. Thanks

The beta for SD card feature has been released on forum.