Update on mixer page work and panning

Hi Brennan, can you give us an update on the work being done to the mixer page and when we can expect panning? Cheers

Hey there,

The work on the mixer page is ongoing and we will have more news soon on panning

Thanks for the question

Piggybacking on this request… I’ve been waiting a couple years for attention to be given to MIDI control over the mixer levels. While I realize it may be cool to do everything with your feet, it’s not necessary for it to be the only way to do things. I’ve a perfectly good control surface with faders which I would love to employ. SS has delivered lots of different options for muting via MIDI but none for levels. Panning would be cool too, but if a track needs boosting or attenuating, that’s a priority and a major distraction when having to enter the mixer, select the track and balance on one foot while setting the level with the footwheel, all the while trying to focus on playing my instrument. Much easier to reach out for a fader between breaths or string plucks. Thanks for listening!


We understand the use case very well, but we can only do the work we can do at the present moment, if we change course as often as people need a feature we will never finish.

This is slated to be done soon but it is not a priority at the present time.

I will also ask that you do not change the topic on threads, as this is against the forum rules and please forward any other thoughts to a relevant thread on MIDI mapping

Thank you for the feedback and for your patience

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