Use BB as an instrument

how do i use BB as an external instrument, ie play it using a keyboard or run in from a Daw? do i use the usb input or the midi adaptor lead. neither seems to work at the moment.

Others have tried using the BB as a sound module. Here’s some results from a quick search:

I know that the BB does not send or receive MIDI over USB - you need to use the MIDI breakout cable. I think the first thing you’d need to do is to enable MIDI IN and Note On from within the BB’s settings.

Check out the manual


Yes, read the manual. So I read the manual, but it doesn’t help, except to say;

If there is anything you
don’t understand, or think that
can be explained better,
please contact us at

So we’re all doing just that, and we aren’t getting a response.

I hadn’t tried this, so it was a good exercise to figure out.

  • MIDI OUT from a USB interface equipped with a 5 pin DIN jack into the BB using the MIDI adapter lead.
  • In my DAW (I used Reaper) I set it up to route the MIDI out to the interface. The MIDI drum file I had used had note data on ch10.
  • Download this pdf…
    which explains the BB MIDI settings and also this post link…
    Recording BB to DAW
  • Basically you send the DAW MIDI note data to the BB, but make settings in the BB menu so as to not have the BB sync to the DAW’s clock that would start the BB’s own MIDI drum pattern.

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