Wagon Wheel DOP, OPB, OPBk Re-upload - Old Crow Medicine Show


  • Phil-not-Flood did the Darius Rucker version last summer http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index…apo-2-key-a-opb-standard-pro-bass.489/updates
  • The chords for this version will also work for the Nathan Carter version

  • v1 Standard Pro
  • v2 NP Standard Pro Bass
  • v3 either NP Standard Bass Strings or NP P-Bass and Better Strings XRL work
  • Beta BeatBuddy Manager version ≥1.6b
  • Firmware > v1.8.5 (recommended)

    Includes: 3 songs, chords & lyrics; work & source midi files

Download Here

Here’s a link to the Darius Rucker version: Wagon Wheel - DOP, OPB, OPB-fiddle & OPB-guitar

Thank you for this pop classic

Hi folks, Sorry to beat a dead horse, but this is the Old Crow Medicine Show version.

Inasmuch as we play this song with our full band, it’s just different enough the throw us off in our duo. (It’s a great “program” though! Love the fiddle!)

I have also downloaded the Darius Rucker version (WAGON_WHEEL_CAPO2.sng–Thank you, Phil). It’s “spot on”, but here’s my dilemma…

In our duo, I play (and sing) all the lead guitar parts and intermittent chording. My Wife currently plays acoustic guitar. Therefore, we are unable to cover the fiddle part. However, she can also play fiddle (evil temptress!).

Does anyone have the Darius Rucker version with either fiddle, lead guitar or “acoustic guitar”?

Any of those three allows us to cover all parts!

Thank you for indulging my ridiculous musings…

Have a wonderful day, all!

I’ll put something together.

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Thank you, Sir! :slight_smile: