Where is the january update?

Hello looper people!
Where is the january update? It’s so long and we don’t have any information about it.


I have been wondering about its status as well, as it is fairly significant and I am eager to try it.

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They’re probably in the process of testing and trying to clean up any issues before they make anything available.

Why, Probably?
Can someone at SingularSound could tell us when we can use the capacities of the SD card, midi … Well, everything that should have worked as soon as the device was delivered.
We wait, patiently, we give improvement tips, we detect bugs. We note that the other looper on the market have not even been studied to reproduce the essential functionality.
I am starting to be disappointed with the lack of transparency in the roadmap. :expressionless:



Hi guys, sorry I haven’t been more active on the forum informing you all of what’s going on. We are currently testing the next update which will include the SD card storage function, sync track length and sync track start settings. There are still some show stopping bugs that prevented me from posting the beta version, but we’re making a lot of progress and I hope to have new version up this week.


Great news…

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Gotta love it when the boss himself answers questions.

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Thanks, David. I am really looking forward to it. I fear I’m near to having a full internal memory (No, in my Aeros, silly. My head was full years ago).

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@Euan I believe we have the SD card function working properly now, but the sync tracks feature still has a bug in it that we’re fixing, which is what prevented me from posting the new update. If you just need to transfer your files urgently, I can send you a beta version of the firmware through a private message (but don’t use that version to perform with). I hope to have an official public beta out by the end of the week with the sync tracks feature working properly.


@DavidPackouz, Very kind. I can wait, thanks.

Update??? 18 february and still nothing???

Here you go!

Cool I’ll have to check this out this week.
What’s the best size and brand SD card to use for the Aeros? I know certain devices (like GoPro cameras) are picky about the SD cards that they use.

What size would be best? For future use of storing loops I mean…How many hours/minutes per gigabyte?


Not sure about most of those questions, but as I understand it, 32GB is the max size you can use.

I don’t think the AEROS is too picky other than the no larger than 32Gb size.

I’d get a 32Gb SDHC Class 10 card from Microcenter (you can probably use a class 6 card but only if you’re in a pinch). Oh—if you buy a new card, it should come formatted and ready to use so no need to format a new card.

Until Singular Sound (SS) finalizes their work on the AEROS (and users validate whatever specifications offered by SS), it’s hard to say how many hours per Gb can be recorded or stored. As a general rule of thumb and based on the Infinity Looper, you should probably be able to get 2 hours for every 8Gb. This is merely my opinion based on experience with other products.

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Cool I’ll order a 32 GB Class 10🤘.


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Hello all…I’m new here and although I think my new Aeros loop studio is everything I need it to be and more, I’m very disappointed in the available PDF instruction manual and the NON FUNCTIONING quick start guide on the Aeros its self… I’m guessing even if it was functional it would be as useless as the PDF file download we currently have. I’m no tech god, but I;m also not stupid and I’m very irritated…Per the available instructions…I can start a song sinked to my Beat buddy by starting my beat buddy,yep…works great. What the lame instructions don’t tell me are the following:
How do I stop the current track, “Play” or “Stop All” on the Aeros or stopping the BB?
What kind of instructional manual doesn’t tell you this?
Now I have successfully recorded and saved track one…the next ugly problem arises…
I want to record part 2 (we are in 2x2 mode)
I click on NEXT PART and start recording per the BB and now I’m off sync because it started recording why the bb was doing it’s intro fill. If I try to time it after the intro fill, it’s still off. What kind of instructional manual doesn’t fully explain this? For $600 It should have come with a STEP BY STEP User manual that us older non-tech savvy guys can understand… I love this thing and at the same time want to smash it with a sledge hammer and throw it in a fucking river. Some times when I click on NEXT PART…It records over my previous part…REALLY??? Isn’t NEXT PART the next fucking track? I mean I have all of this shit going on in 2x2 mode…I can’t even imagine how convoluted 6x6 mode is,will I need a degree in fucking quantum physics to use that too? Come on guys…some common sense here…I’m not an engineer like you developers are so BRAIN DOWN and help us (ME) out here…