BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.x “Options, lots of options!”

I’m having a similar issue but I’ve been on the new firmware.

I had the same problem basically. I had the MIDI commands programmed into a Samsung tablet using a different program but any songs I had in Playlist 2 on the beat buddy would no longer open when I sent the MIDI commands from the tablet. I had to go back to firmware 4.0.1 to get it to work again.

There was a bug reported in the latest version of Onsong, not sure if this could be related

There is also a setting on the BeatBuddy in version 4.1.3 that changes how the Device opens Playlists

4.1.3 is now available at the top of this thread

Go to Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI IN > Program Change (PC) and select the one that works best for you

For Aeros mode, the sacrifice is that you lose the ability to open any song that is in or after folder no. 111 and cannot control any MSB banks. This is because LSB 111-128 control the Playlists on the BeatBuddy and MSB is ignored.

If you prefer this please switch to Aeros mode, this was how it worked by default in 4.0.1.

In default mode, you can open playlist songs using MSB 127 LSB 127 PC0-127

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Hi everybody,

Happy New Year.

I just updated with the new version 4.1.2.

There are interesting update like Transition with No-Fill. I was waiting for that.

The Pause option where you can outro also interesting.


  1. When it is paused, I think it would be nice if there we were given the choice to stop or Outro. Cause for now we can either Outro or Stop. Some songs can Pause and Stop. Some can Pause and then Outro.

  2. I don’t if it is possible. If I am wrong, let me know. When pause, you can go to next part. I think we should be given the option to go to next part without a fill. For now if you go to next part when pause, there will be a fill.

While playing, it restart by itself and volume went to 7%. I encounter this only one time. I will continue to monitor. I don’t know if it is a bug or what other reasons can cause this.

Waiting to buy a BeatBuddy with confidence that AutoPilot will be a real thing. Are there any updates to the current firmware with that feature planned or addressed in any way?

Not sure I understand the request, you can already set the Footswitch to Stop the song immediately while paused if the footswitch is set to Outro while the song Paused

Please update to 4.1.3 I has been posted at the top of this thread

This update has no changes to do with Autopilot

That does not mean we are not working towards it,

thanks for the question

Let me try to explain.

I got my beatbuddy connect as such:

  1. BeatBuddy Main Pedal + Footswitch(1st FS – 2nd FS) + Maestro Midi Controller

  2. My first Footswitch is set as such:
    When Stopped: Unpause

  3. Second footswitch:
    While Playing: Pause
    Stopped: UnPause

Currently I updated from 3.80 to 4.1.2 and 4.1.2 to 4.1.3, I noticed that the Unpause converted to Outro even on the Midi Controller. In the settings of the Main Pedal, there is the followings:

Main Pedal>Unpause Behavior>External Device Unpause>:

  1. Follow Main Pedal Outro Setting
  2. Outro Stop Songs

When it is set on “Follow Main Pedal Outro Setting”, if I take my usual settings on my footswitch which is 1st FS(Pause:Stop | Playing: Outro) and 2nd FS(Pause/Unpause), can’t stop as when Pause it will OUTRO. No way to stop. To Stop, we are compelled to OUTRO (“Follow Main Pedal Outro Setting”). In-fact the new option is great but I think we should have the option to stop and at the same time on another button/device to outro if we wish and vice versa. Really sorry for my english.

Now if it is set to “Outro Stop Songs”, If I take my usual settings on my footswitch as mentioned above:
On pause, we will be able to stop. But I won’t have the Option to Outro when Paused.

My suggestion will be to add a third option in
Main Pedal>Unpause Behavior>External Device Unpause>:

  1. Follow Main Pedal Outro Setting
  2. Outro Stop Songs
  3. Liberty ( Sorry I use this word just for demonstration. This will allow us to use both Outro and Stop on different Switch at the same time)

With this 3rd option we will be able to:

  1. Pause and then Unpause.
  2. Fill>Pause and Unpause
  3. Fill> Pause and Stop
  4. Pause and Outro
  5. Fill> Pause and Outro

I don’t know if I have been able to explain my point.

On the other hand, perhaps it is possible to use Outro and Stop at the same time and I don’t know how to do it. If so let me know to proceed. Else hope to get an update on the third option :slightly_smiling_face:.


Maybe try this:

Set the Main Pedal Unpause (Main Pedal > Unpause Behavior > Main Pedal Unpause) and set Tap to Stop Song.

Then set External Unpause to Follow Main Pedal Outro setting

Then set the footswitch to outro while paused

Does this work for you?

I usually use this option for a fill. For now, I will make use of it in order to be able to use stop and outro at the same time. If I need a fill, I will make a fill via the midi controller.

Anyway, it is not urgent cause I have a solution for now. Maybe you can consider the third option if it is not a big issue after resolving other main issues. Thanks for your help.

Why not just set one of the other footswitch buttons to do a fill while paused?

Based on the way I play, specially when you are alone where there is only the beatbuddy and a guitar, I tried to minimize mistakes.

For example I don’t use the tripple tap for stop, cause I use to play a lot on my fill. Sometimes I hit my fill at begining of the measure, sometimes in the middle and sometimes 3/4 of the measure. There was a time where the Tripple tap was enable for stop. I inadvertently hit the pedal three times and I run into problem where in the middle of a song the beatbuddy stop. I prefer the footswitch for Pause/Unpause, Outro or Pause>Stop or Outro.

Cause it is easier and quicker. Any way for now I found a solution.

For me, I think its better to have this option free.

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Did everyone catch that we updated the latest beta to 4.1.3? This should fix the reported crashes!

I played a 3 hour show on Friday night using 4.1.3. No issues!

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Been using 4.1.3 for the last 2 weeks - seems stable … no issues :smiley:

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+1… I did 5 hour rehearsal last night with 4.1.3. Worked fine!

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where is the 4.1.3 ??? where can I get it ???

link in original post at the top of the thread

BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.3 is no longer beta and is now official! Updated manuals have been posted in the original post :point_up_2:




is there any problem or change for those who use onsong controlling bb to make this upgrade?