Dancing In The Streets DOP, OPB, OPBk, OPBh Re-upload - Martha and the Vandellas


  • I’ve long been intending to do this song but just recently came across a pair of decent MIDI source files. After listening to the transcription of the first source, it had some issues so ended up using the second source.
  • In an ideal world, I would have liked to have had a single song with bass, piano and horns but none of the kits “scratched my itch.” So I split this between two kits; one has the bass and piano, the v4 has the bass and horns.
  • The original was done in E but the source files were in B; this created a lot of fun getting the bass to fit in the range of the kits.
  • I usually use Ultimate Guitar for the Chords & Lyrics file but I couldn’t find a decent one on UG.

  • v1 Standard Pro
  • v2 NP Standard Pro Bass
  • v3 NP Bosendorfer Jazz Trio XRp
  • v4 NP Standard Bass Horns
  • Beta BeatBuddy Manager version ≥1.6b
  • Firmware > v1.8.5 (recommended)

    Includes: 3 songs & chords & lyrics

Download Here

This is great! It’s not in the notes in this post, but I’m using the v6 (all that’s in this download is v5 & v6.) I had to transpose my transcription because this is in G. But I’m trying to match it up with my lyric/chord sheet from Marth & the Vandellas and can’t quite figure out where to come in on the 2nd verse. It doesn’t match up with how M&tV do it. There are a couple extra bars there. How are you counting this out?

I originally posted two uploads for this song. The base version (v1, v2, v3 & v4) are what the notes above correspond to; I then added a 1.1 version for v5 and v6 to the original post. I think what may have happened is that during the migration of the files from Resources in the old forum it only moved the latest upload (v5 & v6) and not the base version nor the notes for the update.

I still have the MIDI source file and I’ll try to provide some detail as to when to start on the 2d verse. FYI, I think the MIDI source file was adapted from the sheet music however, as performed by Martha & the Vandellas, it was in Eb and the MIDI source file, if I recall was worked up in E (for v2, v3, & v4). v5 and v6 were transcribed to G at the request of another user.

If I decide to retool this song, I’ll probably work it up in Eb and I’ll also try to transcribe the Chords & Lyrics. I may reduce the number of versions to v6 and v6m as well.

I’m sure this lengthy reply is as clear as mud and it would have probably been easier to follow from the base and 1.1 uploads and notes, which appeared separately in the old forum.

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Here’s my lyric/chord sheet in .pro format for SongBook if that helps at all. Like I said I transcribed it to G to fit with v6.