Money (What I Want) DOP, OPB, OPBk (UPDATED)


  1. If you don’t have the premium Vintage Ludwig Bass drum set, you can use the SuperBassG instead.
  2. The source file was sequence at 148 bpm which I think was too fast; the Money.sng file is at 136.

  • Vintage Ludwig Bass drum set
  • Beta BeatBuddy Manager version 1.6b or newer
  • Firmware v1.8.5 (recommended) or newer

  • Money.sng file (OPB = one press bass)
  • Chords & Lyrics The Beatles - Money
  • Midi source file: moneywiw
  • Midi file with joined bass and drums midi: The Beatles Money
  • Money b d.mid separate bass and drum midi tracks

Download Here

The Beatles


  • What’s been updated? New source file; added 2 versions; lowered instrument velocities to reduce clipping; improved cheat sheet
  • 50 years ago: Paul McCartney announced that he was leaving The Beatles on April 10, 1970. He released his first solo album, McCartney, later that same month. The album reached #1 on Billboard’s U.S. charts and remained there for three weeks.
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Suggested kit(s): all versions use STAX SAX AcousticP

Includes: 3 songs, MIDI source file and Chords & Lyrics

Money (That’s What I Want) - The (58.2 KB)

Disclaimer: Music is art, it’s interpretive. So right or wrong, good or bad does not exist.

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