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Hello, first time user here. Is there a link to step by step setup on PC? I read different directions and videos online. Do I install the manager first? Do I put in the SD card on my machine first and install to the BBManager folder? I just don’t want to screw up a first installation.


I would install the BBManager first.Then Open Project (choose your card project) and Save Project As, save to your BBManager Folder.

However…I’d consider using BBLoader to manage your card and drum sets and only use BBManager to edit/create/save .sng files. It’s a way simpler workflow, even though you have to use a separate app to make tweaks to the song.

I actually use Garage Band to edit midi files, BBManager to assemble and save .sngs, and then BBLoader to manage the card contents. I’m on a Mac so I think BBManager has some additional problems for me than it would on a PC. But still. I avoid using BBManager except for things that ONLY BBManager can do.

Even opening a folder with a lot of songs on BBManager can be painful. Dragging songs from folder to folder can be painful if both folders have a lot of songs…it’s a much more modern and fast workflow to do all of that on BBLoader.

Hey there,

Check out these useful manuals:

And maybe read the BeatBuddy manual!

And check out this youtube playlist:

And feel free to reach out to for more help as you go along

Thanks for the questions!

Thanks for the help and quick response!!

And check out BBLoader! It really is the fastest and easiest way to manage your card content (assuming you already have the .sng files ready to go :slight_smile: )

Hi josborn777.
So your suggestion, I would load BBLoader first, insert the SD card and load files…then install and open BBManager and Open Project and Save Project?

Or…files are loaded from SD via BBManager…open/save project and then Manage files with BBLoader?

BBLoader reads your card contents and shows them in folders and allows you to add songs, build playlists, add drum sets, move songs around, etc. It’s just a more modern UI and a much faster application when making changes. So my workflow…

Let’s say Blues 2 at 120 BPM is the right tempo for for Some Song By Some Artist…

1.In BBManager I import Blues 2 into my WorkInProgress folder
2. Rename Blues 2 to Some Song By Some Artist and set the BPM to 120
3. Make any tweaks (Like removing the intro or swaping out fills, etc)
4. Export the song as SomeSong.sng

Then, in BBLoader

  1. Open your card with BBLoader.
  2. Select the + sign on the folder where you want to add the song
  3. Select the song and it will add it to the bottom on the folder
  4. If needed, move the song up to where you want it in the folder

That’s it. The song is on your card. You can now put the card back in the BB and the song will be there.

Now, this workflow would be somewhat similar on the BBManager…except open each folder is going to take time. Sometimes up to 20 seconds for large folders. Moving songs around in folders can be cumbersome and time consuming as well.

Alternatively, let’s say you find a song on the forum you want to try out, let’s say The Weight, by the band. You can simply download the song file and follow BBloader steps 1-4 to get the song on the card without ever having to open BBManager.

Eventually there will (hopefully) be a new BBmanager that looks and acts more similarly BBLoader works. But BBManager is its current form is very cumbersome and sometimes painful to use. Thus, I only use it for what ONLY BBmanager can do. That is, modifying the .sng.

Very helpful. Thanks for all the insight into BB and Manager and Loader.

Question, some of the songs I see have Blues1 as a rhythm. I don’t see Blues1 under the Blues folder…only Blues 2 and on. I’m sure I may have messed something up in my testing. Am I able to import Blues 1 from some file with BB Loader? (Or any other rhythm I may have inadvertently deleted.)

Might be easiest to delete your existing Blues genre folder and then reimport a fresh and complete Blues folder.

In the link below, Support discusses how to replace a missing Blues folder.

That worked great!! Thanks. Could you also attach the Ballad pbf file…I’m pretty sure I inadvertently deleted a couple of patterns.

If you mean the Ballads-mini folder, you probably aren’t missing any beats. Refer to this post Please help with missing beats!

Ahhh, makes sense. Thanks everyone…looks like I’m up and running. Appreciate the advice.

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Hi All,
Was moving along well until I messed up drumkits. I know I’ve inadvertently eliminated some kits on the project. Is there a way to re-load the drum kits into my project. There was also a great video showing how to import and activate drumkits. Does anyone have that link? I’m doing something wrong…I imported the vintage drum kit from the site and when I click on the check box, the check immediately goes away and nothing is selected. So I’d like to:

  1. Re-load drum kits so I know I have the default kits
  2. Watch the video instruction on how to activate the kits so songs can have access to if I want.


Feel free to reach out to with this issue so they can further help you or wait for some assistance

If you want to try a simpler application and you don’t usually find yourself editing drumsets or songs, check out the BeatBuddy Loader

I’ve been using the BB Loader but still seemed to have removed or revised original drumsets. I’ll reach out to support.

At this stage and given what you’ve previously experienced, the best thing to do would be to restore your Default Content 2.1 project and is most likely what Support is going to tell you. Here’s a post that will help you recover:

BTW, please do not post the same topic twice (later today I’ll hide the new thread you started).