Reported in Dec 20: Aeros firmware 3.3.x
I stumbled across this bad one: Tracks are RUNNING OUT OF SYNC under these conditions:


  • 2x2 mode
  • Sync track = start & length
  • Quantize to measure = off
  • Change song part = end of measure


  1. Activate Locktrack by hard buttons
  2. First record rhythm track A1, e.g. 1 bar
  3. Then add track A2, e.g. 2 or 4 bars
  4. Then change part and add track B2, MUST BE SHORTER (!) than A2, eg. 1 bar

Actions 3 and 4 clearly triggered in advance. If you cannot reproduce it I’ll send you a video.

Your answer from Feb 21:
This is a known issue, we will be working on it in parallel as we find solutions to improve this. IT is a conflict between lock tracks logic and offset track logic.

Thanks for reporting

Now in August 2021
This BUG is still there and it hits me at least once per gig.
When do you intend to fix this finally?
Or aren’t you able to fix it or not willing to do so?

SYNCHRONOUS TRACKS - This is the very least feature a looper has to live up to.
What is your commitment on this???


We understand this is not ideal but it is a very specific corner case that cannot be easily fixed right now, that being said we have every intention of fixing it.

Thank you for reporting!

Hi, it’s pretty unusual to hear form a looper developer that a track sync problem in a standalone mode is just a corner case and will be fixed anytime in the future. This is the very least thing a looper must do!

Please, fix such things first, long before implementing any nice to haves.

We understand your frustration but this bug is only present under very specific circumstances, not everyone is seeing this bug normally. We hope to have a fix for it soon, it is not a simple fix, and we must find time for implementing a solution. It is already in the development timeline.

Thank you for reporting

I’m seeing it and my workflow is quite a lot more general. Just steps 2 & 3 are sufficient.

Can you please expand on what you mean? Unfortunately unless I have steps to reproduce what you are referring to we cannot find the bug to fix it.

Also if you can please include your song settings and whether or not there are locked tracks and/or offsets.


OK, I dug into this and will retract most of my concern.

First, here’s a quick summary of my song settings:

Time signature 4/4
Tempo 80 bpm
MIDI Sync on
Sync tracks Start & Length
No locked tracks
No offsets

When I record a 4 measure track and allow it to play for a long time, there is a visible and progressively increasing deviation on the display between Track 1 and Track 2 (which is empty). That said, recording a bit to Track 2 seems to bring them back into sync, so the issue isn’t really impactful, only disconcerting.

Does that help at all?

Definitely! This is a known bug and we are already planning on how and when to tackle it. It appears to only be a visual bug as of now, which is why we have not totally reprioritized in order to tackle it.

Thank you for reporting!

Hey guys. I’m not not only talking about a visual thing!! And neither about a corner case!!! This is a huge bug and every song with two parts (like A=chorus + B=refrain) and a shorter part B is affected. There are thousands of them. By now, I’ve dumped all such songs from my setlist. However, it hits me again and again while improvising.

You can easily reproduce it with my standard settings as described above, which are typical for advanced performers (doing from the scratch looping without external devices), by the way.

Watch and listen to this videos here:

I recorded a compressed scenario. Imagine a live situation … uaaahhh!!! Normally, it may occur in a more decent way, however it’s inacceptable.

The sync fault of Part B is caused by the delaytime (+ or -) of track A2 recording start point (compared to track A1) and is multiplied every time you change to B !!!. As you see, part A is always getting aligned. The continuously increasing delaytime is visible.

SS, I could not sleep peacefully as the developer of such a bug without correcting it for ten months :slight_smile:

Haven’t you ever come across this one, @quad, @laurentB and others.

This bug was reported here btw.

We understand your frustration,

without your video, it is harder to pinpoint exactly what you mean, thank you for sharing that, this appears to be the issue that was reported about lock tracks. The bug is that the locked track is starting over correctly but the non-locked track is changing its starting point. **EDIT

I will report this as well, it could change timeline, it may not, but nevertheless it is very helpful.

We understand this is a very specific use case to your playing and it is very important to you.

For possible workarounds while we work on this: Is it not possible to do what you’re trying to accomplish with both sync start and length on?

Also, have you tried recording the same phrase twice in each part almost identically? I understand this defeats the purpose of the lock track in your case, but as we’ve stated this particular state (locked track and offset with non-locked tracks) causes issues, but there are ways to work around it while waiting on the feature to support your use case.

We have not stopped working on the Aeros and while we always appreciate candor, we also appreciate keeping the conversation constructive and working with us as we work with you to fix your issues. Please refrain from using all caps (as we ask in the forum rules) or multiple exclamation points, it comes across as screaming and can alter the tone of your message, a great alternative is to use itallics.

We also want things to get done! They also are getting done!

Thanks for reporting