Aeros firmware 3.3.x

Hi there fellow Aerosnauts!

We’re happy to release Aeros Firmware 3.3.0!

EDIT (Dec 23, 2020): This version has been released as an official version and is available to download over WIFI.

We have updated the Aeros Manual and the Aeros Manual - Printer Friendly Version (no background colors to use up your ink).

The full changelog is below. If anyone discovers any bugs/issues, please post about it (nicely) below :slight_smile:

Make sure your Aeros is close to your WIFI router for a strong connection (using your phone’s hotspot feature as a wifi network and placing your phone near the Aeros works well)
If you have trouble updating with the WIFI, update with the SD card (note: the SD card must be between 4-32 GB in capacity): : Download this file , rename the downloaded file (currently named aeros-3.3.0.bin) to aeros.bin and then place it on an SD card and into your Aeros before turning it on.

IMPORTANT: Turn off your Aeros BEFORE putting in the SD card. Putting in the SD card while Aeros is on and then immediately turning it off can corrupt the firmware file.

To go back to the previous official firmware, use the same SD card update method to install the last official version 3.2.12

Firmware 3.3.0 Changelog

  • Better volume control
    • Volume can now be set to exactly 0 dB
    • Volume slider knob at 0 dB is light blue instead of white
    • Volume slider snaps to 0 dB (at ±2 dB)
    • Volume wheel more precise (0.5 dB increments)
    • Volume wheel buffer zone at 0dB (ignores up to 4 ticks, active for up to 800ms)
  • Song loading time optimization (signifcantly speeds up song loading time)
    • Removed smoothing filter on waveform
    • Modified the loading animation
  • Uncouple ‘change song part’ and ‘stop’ settings
  • Bug fixes: Various improvements to undone track logic

Thanks a lot for this.

Glad to see enhancements to the volume control. I’m waiting for midi control over individual track levels and fade to mute… but not complaining, it’s clear you are putting a lot of work into this!

Hope you have a nice festive season!


The improved loading time now makes the Aeros a device I can use in live performance. Great job. Can’t wait to see midi songs selection completed. tks


Great job on the load times! This is a huge step in making this looper viable for live performance. Once you get the midi song select figured out it should be ready to use live.


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I‘m waiting for that feature! The same applies to the BeatBuddy. To have this feature on both devices would make song selection during a life performance an ease…


What does “Removed smoothing filter on waveform” mean? I’m sorry a search result in the forums turned up nothing.

@lash we had a waveform smoothing algorithm running to smooth out the ‘spikey’ shapes on the waveforms displayed of the recordings - we realized this algorithm was what was slowing down the loading time of songs. If you look closely, you’ll see the recordings have a lot of little spikey shapes compared to previous firmware versions - this is a more accurate representation of the sound. And now the songs load much faster :slight_smile:


Thank you David, I wasn’t sure if this had something to do with the micro cross fades or just a graphical change. Happy holidays to you buddy.

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Thanks! These are great news!

Happy Holidays to everyone! :slight_smile:

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This Aeros version is what I’ve been waiting for a very long time. It now supports my musical ideas and let’s me create enough variations to not sould like simple loop stacking … with a minimal acoustic setup, fully mobile and battery driven if needed!

Thanks guys, happy holiday and keep on walking on this path in 2021 … I will then come up with some more requests to make sure you won’t get bored :slight_smile:

Greetings from Europe


I have 1,000,002 feature requests:

(1-1,000,000) MIDI song select
(1,000,001) Use expression port with a footswitch to assign additional commands (is this even theoretically possible?)
(1,000,002) Reverse loops like on the Infinity


@Adamixoye we hear you (and everyone else) loud and clear – MIDI song select is high on our dev list.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to plug a footswitch into the expression pedal port.

Reverse loops is on the dev list as well, though a bit further out.


Firmware 3.3.0 has been released as an official version over WIFI! I updated the original post above with the updated manual.


Headrush have a new firmware with endless looping times and auto-bpm detection. When do you plan to extend the 2:30 min recording? What about auto-bpm to make the aeros the midi Master of the setup? What about panoramics and rooting functions ? Thanks for you feadback.

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I just downloaded the 3.3.0 firmware. Great! Thank you so much! Now the songs are loading way much faster, this is great for live applications. Nice Christmas gift here! :slight_smile:

Again: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2021! :slight_smile:

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Hi, thank you so much for vastly improving the song load times! Huge milestone!

I do have a few feedback items about the volume control. First, excellent first pass. I really hope that isn’t the end of it.

  1. The snap feature isn’t snappy enough, I still miss the blue too easily
  2. The wheel is way too sensitive now, I have to roll the wheel about ten times to fade - this is worse than before
  3. I’m not able to select tracks by touching them in the volume screen without moving the fader to wherever my press landed
  4. I know it’s a bit of work to code, having a Settings slider for wheel sensitivity would be awesome - sensitive if I want to mix, coarse if I want to fade, and somewhere in the middle if I don’t really know yet

I’m really not able to fade in and out at all. That being said, I am really happy that you’ve very quickly taken up the snap to unity feature.

Reference: feature request - Volume wheel sensitivity and snap-to-unity

Happy Holidays, and all that.

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i’ve been using a 54K mAh 2 AC outlet portable lithium ion battery pack (about the size of a medium size hardcover book) to run a whole 100 watt off the grid setup - guitar, pedal board, 100 watt amp with no problem. i think it’s European compatible.
check it out

I stumbled across this bad one: Tracks are RUNNING OUT OF SYNC under these conditions:


  • 2x2 mode
  • Sync track = start & length
  • Quantize to measure = off
  • Change song part = end of measure


  1. Activate Locktrack by hard buttons
  2. First record rhythm track A1, e.g. 1 bar
  3. Then add track A2, e.g. 2 or 4 bars
  4. Then change part and add track B2, MUST BE SHORTER (!) than A2, eg. 1 bar

Actions 3 and 4 clearly triggered in advance. If you cannot reproduce it I’ll send you a video.

I agree. It’s better than it was but not enough.

I had an issue with the first song I used after the upgrade. I think I reported a similar issue with prior upgrades as well.

The song is acting and displaying freeform on the stop screen. But on the song settings page, it is quantized.

I created a new song and the problem went away.

Message me and I can send a video.