AC/DC Top 10 and 10 others



  • Rolling Stone magazine published their list of AC/DC’s Top 10 songs which I used as a starting point for this contribution; also included are other 10 songs fan favorites.
  • The songs are packaged in a BB folder (.pbf); use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File - Import - Folder to add them to your project.
  • Several of these songs have been posted as singles on the forum but the contents of this effort are all new and update the existing forum posts.
  • The Top 10 appear in the folder as a countdown from #10 to #1 and the 10 others follow the Top 10 and appear in no special order.
  • Most songs have multiple versions (DOP, OPB & few are OPBk); for the most part they use the SUB-Standard Pro Plain and SUB-Std Pro PL Bass 0-31 kits; if you’d like some more volume and punch to the songs, you can try them out with phil_flood’s Switch Normal (SUB-Std Pro SWN Bass 0-31) kits. Some of the songs may have been time-stretched for the accelerando and ritardando sections of the songs.
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Includes: 20 songs, Rolling Stone Top 10 file and Chords & Lyrics

AC:DC Top 10 and 10 (3.8 MB)

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