BeatBuddy Loader Software (Version 1.0.x)

Hi fellow BeatBuddies!

We’re excited to announce BeatBuddy Loader software - this is an easy to use SD file manager for loading and organizing content on the BeatBuddy.

We believe this version is stable, but we will designate this as a beta version for a couple of weeks until the community has tested it and confirmed no major bugs are present. We’d love your feedback.

This is not intended as a full replacement for the BeatBuddy Manager. Through our research we have found that 80% of BeatBuddy users only want to add and organize content on their BeatBuddy, rather than edit content. This software has been built for this purpose. We are currently working on a replacement for the BeatBuddy Manager which will have full editing capability as well as additional features currently under development.

What the BeatBuddy Loader CAN do:

  • Load songs, folders, drum sets onto an SD card

  • Organize songs and folders on an SD card

  • Export folders, songs and drum sets

  • Download default content onto an SD card (e.g. if original SD card was lost)

  • Create, manage and edit Playlists (this feature is not present in the current BeatBuddy Manager)

  • Backup projects (SD card content) to your computer

What the BeatBuddy Loader CANNOT do:

  • Create new songs or drum sets

  • Edit songs or drum sets

  • Preview songs on your computer

  • It cannot edit projects files saved to your computer, the application edits directly on the loaded SD card

You can download BeatBuddy Loader here:

Windows Version

Windows support for Windows 10 and 11

Mac Version

Mac support for Mojave 10.14.6, Catalina 10.15.7, and Monterey 12.4

Mac Users with an intel-based computer running on Monterey please note:
You will need to allow Full Disk Access for the BeatBuddy Loader to work without crashing. Please go to your System Settings and follow these steps before opening the BeatBuddy Loader:

Mac Settings > Security & Privacy > (unlock) > Full Disk Access > add BeatBuddy Loader.

PLEASE NOTE: You’ll need to use the new 4.1.0 beta version of the BeatBuddy firmware for the BeatBuddy Loader to work properly. You can download this firmware here.

Tutorial video for BeatBuddy Loader coming soon. Check out the BeatBuddy Loader manual for the details of how it works (this is a draft manual, full beautiful manual PDF coming soon):


I have work for tomorrow
It’s good, I see that the work is progressing :grinning:


Thanx, David!

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I tried to use it on my macbook but it only works with the SD card inserted… or the software won’t work.

Why did you do that? We are not allowed to prepare things outside of the SD card?

Did I miss something?

First steps. Thanks for getting this out there and I’ll have a play with it. I am one of the (by your research) 20% who want to see editing options included so I guess it’ll be a long time until it is usable for me. But this is finally a step in the right direction. :+1:

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Doesn’t work Windows 10
I try with admin right too, but still have this error

It is the new beatbuddy maager??


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Got this message!

Working on my MacBook so far (although I had to grant extra permission to Java).

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This is an SD management software, the SD card must be present and loaded to be edited.

Just a reminder this not the BeatBuddy Manager or a predecessor to it, it has no relation to the BBM2 code, it is it’s own product meant to replace the BBM 1 for a majority of users who do not need to use the more creative side of the BB feature set.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for the feedback y’all!

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@GuuZ7 @NYHC @hnbt6171

What were you doing when this bug happened, what action caused the pop-up? Could you give me computer specs?

If you are using a intel-based mac on Monterey please try uninstalling the program and following these steps:

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Thank you! This fixed the startproblem!


I get this when I select an option like "edit sd card or the middle one. the software itself launch nice
Windows 1O Home updated
Intel cpu i7
16 Go ram
I tried with Sd card reader and Usb port Beatbuddy
tried with admin right
Java updated

Started BeatBuddy loader and Edit SD Card

|Processor|Intel(R) Core™ i7-3520M CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz|
|Geïnstalleerd RAM-geheugen|16,0 GB|
|Type systeem|64-bits besturingssysteem, x64-processor|

Editie Windows 10 Pro
Versie 21H1
Installatiedatum ‎10-‎6-‎2020
Build van besturingssysteem 19043.1889
Ervaring Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4180.0

I can’t wait to try this one, because I’m part of the 20% people editing drum parts to create my own songs :wink: I already have more than 50 songs created for my piano / voice+sax+BB duet.

I even can be a serious beta tester if you need one.


I tried with another pc with Windows 11 Pro last version
same error

We may have found the solution thank you for your feedback!

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should i first update the pedal and then download this loader?