BeatBuddy Firmware 4.1.x “Options, lots of options!”

That should be the case for every new feature which modifies the existing behavior of the device.

I believe I found either a bug or what I consider to be a “feature” that was removed. Example: In version 4.1.3, if Aeros (master) has 3 song parts and the Beatbuddy (slave) song selection only has 2 parts, the Beatbuddy will always transition back to part 1 when I moved to part 3 on the Aeros. With this version (4.1.6) and the previous version (4.1.4), this does not occur. With these versions, when Aeros transitions from part 2 to part 3, the Beatbuddy remains in part 2 instead of resorting back to part 1.

Is the above-described change intentional or a bug? If it is intentional, this does not work for me, as I have many arrangements that depend of this to work as it does in 4.1.3. In a future firmware release, please provide a means to enable the behavior has it is in 4.1.3. If this is bug, great! I look forward to it being addressed soon! FYI…I will not be able to move beyond 4.1.3 if this is not fixed.

All of the other aspects of 4.1.6 appear to be working great for me so far.

Thank you

Best Beat Buddy update ever (so far)!.. I really like the new abilities I have from my older firmware.


BTW, Which ones you found more useful?

Better configurations of the external foot switch probably summarizes it.

I personally LOVE the ability to cycle through “Parts” using the external foot switch while playing, and the ability to cycle through songs when stopped (also using the external foot switch)…

I feel in previous versions I was limited in how I could really USE the external foot switch, cause I really don’t like to rely on double-taps or triple-taps, or holds and releases… I personally prefer simple functionality for any “button”; so being able to configure my setup for 1 press only (3 buttons - 1 press each while live) fits much more into how I operate; simpler is better.


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Hey there,

We understand this is problematic for you but the logic seems smoother for a specific Aeros part to open a specific BeatBuddy part, you can easily remedy this by making enough parts in your BB song to match the amount of parts in your Aeros song.

Otherwise, the behavior is not always doing what the user may expect, let me know below!
Are there a substantial amount of users that need the BB to work the other way?

How should the BeatBuddy respond to CC:113 values 1-6?

  • BeatBuddy should always transition to the next part no matter which CC:113 value 1-6 command it receives
  • BeatBuddy should only transition to a part if it exists and the CC:113 value matches the part value, eg CC:113 value 1 always goes to part 1, CC:113 value 2 always goes to part 2, etc
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Thanks for the feedback!

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Yes I agree, there should be a 1 to 1 correspond between the Aeros parts and Beat Buddy parts.

Since the behavior changed after version 4.1.3 and this new behavior did not appear to be described anywhere. I thought it may have been unintended.

I will need to make changes to some of my Beatbuddy song parts to accommodate this, but the change makes sense going forward.

Thank you for the follow-up and explanation.

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This happened to us as well: We didn’t do anything to fix it but noticed we had left that tab open and clicked it again in the forlorn hope that it would work, and it did! Took a few minutes to respond. BTW, this issue also occured trying to download the firmware originally, but again when we went back after a couple of minutes it downloaded without a problem. Our guess is that this is OneDrive issue and not a Singular Sound issue. ROKKON \m/

Unfortunately I lost a nice feature with the latest 4.1.6 firmware update. When my song is in pause mode, I can’t stop the song to start another one. Unpause is possible, but not what I want. Stop the song with outtro fill is possible but not what I want. Can I roll back to previous firmware? Before the 4.1.4 version, because in that version this feature is also banned out.

Yes, you can roll back to a previous firmware version.

I just found out myself the solution, so sorry for the inconvenience: …/Main Pedal/Unpause Behavior/External Device Unpause/Outro Stops Song and …/Footswitch/Paused/Outro Fill

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Hi Guifreitas,

Did you ever find solution for the issue you were having after the update of the firmware?
I have been having he same issue for over a year now. I have tried going back to old firmware, but that doesn’t seem to work. It would be nice if there were links to old firmware versions. Then those of us having this issue could at least try various versions until maybe one of them stopped the issue of drumsets not changing.

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New member here: I’m trying to update the latest firmware version 4.1.x and I had problems initially trying to load the update from my iMac to the pedal. I purchased a cf card reader, and that seems to be working…maybe? it’s been almost 2 hours, and it still on updating Beat Buddy Firmware. Perhaps it’s because I copied over all the new songs, effects, data, Accent, drum sets, params, to the CF card? All of those folders. Hopefully, it’s just slow. Thoughts?

It’s going on 3 hours

It didn’t work. I’ve ordered another CF card (guess that card became corrupted)…hoping that this works. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll send it back to Amazon. Really don’t want to do that!

The BeatBuddy requires SDHC 4-32GB cards (with class 10 speeds preferred) and not CF cards.

In the meantime, use the 4Gb SDHC card that came with your pedal to update the firmware. It should only take a minute or two to update.

If you continue to have problems, contact

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It did not work with an Inland 32 GB card class 10 HDSC card. I’ll send an email with pics to you.

It’s fixed…firmware updated: What happened was the original files were erased, and somehow the those files were saved on my computer, but they got corrupted. I found the default BeatBuddy setup, and installed that with the latest update, and am now good to go.