Can I download a previous version of Aeros from anywhere?

Hi guys, just wondering if I can download a previous version of Aeros anywhere. I really preferred it around 4.2
This last update just looks messy and my Aeros is slowly becoming a dusty brick. I just don’t enjoy using it the same way anymore.
Any help in rolling back the latest version would be much appreciated.
Cheers, Wardy

Here is the V 4.2.4 93.54 MB file on MEGA

I have the 4.2 aswell if you want

Don’t forget to rename into aeros.bin and copy in standalone on your sdcard


Thanks so much, I really appreciate that.:beers:

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Okay, so I’ve renamed to Aeros
.bin, put SD card back into Aeros, but it hasn’t rolled back.
Should I delete everything from the SD and only have aeros.bin on the SD?
Cheers again.

Might be my card reader. Hopefully it will work after I buy a new card reader for the transfer.

Rolled back and working just as I liked it. Thanks heaps my friend​:beers::beers::beers::guitar:

Please find all Aeros versions indexed here


Bookmarked now. Cheers for that

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